ADF Aircraft Serial Numbers
RAAF A20 CAC CA-1/CA-5/CA-7/CA-8/CA-9/CA-10/CA-16/CA-20 Wirraway

CAC Wirraway A20-1 to A20-100.
CAC Wirraway A20-101 to A20-200.
CAC Wirraway A20-201 to A20-300.
CAC Wirraway A20-301 to A20-400.
CAC Wirraway A20-401 to A20-500.
CAC Wirraway A20-501 to A20-600.
CAC Wirraway A20-601 to A20-700.
CAC Wirraway A20-701 to A20-772.

The Author of this page is Gordon Birkett.

Source: Australia/Townsville at War Website, Australian Aviation Magazine, Australian Aviation Annual 2001/2002, National Archives, Flightpath Magazine, Glory in Chaos, RAAF Wirraway Accident Data Cards, Darwins Air War, CASA Aircraft Records, Australian War Memorial Website and Photographs, Tom Trimble, Logbook of Roy F Goon.

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