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Serial C/N Aircraft history
NZ581 316 Manufactured in 1937 and issued with a United States C of A on 11 November 1937.
Imported into New Zealand in 1938.
Entered the New Zealand Civil Aircraft Register as ZK-AFT on 12 January 1938 with General Aircraft Sales Ltd.
Sold to the Hawkes Bay and East Coast Aero Club on 19 May 1938.
Impressed into RNZAF for a cost of 850 pounds on 20 May 1940 as NZ581.
Sold to New Plymouth Aero Club and returned to civil register on 21 June 1940 as ZK-AHJ.
Re-impressed into RNZAF with Unit 18 Rongotai for a cost of 450 pounds on 12 October 1942 as NZ598.
Sold to M. Liddell from Rongotai on 26 September 1946.
Entered the New Zealand Civil Aircraft Register as ZK-APJ. Purchased by W. Willmott, Timaru in 1947.
Flew occasionally until 1974 when it was stored at Temuka due to the engine hours expiring.
Registration cancelled 11 September 1974 as "end of useful life."
Stored until 1980 when restoration was commenced by RNZAF Historic Centre.
Presently on display at Ashburton Aviation Museum.
NZ598 316 See details above for NZ581.

Author: Ivan Prince (Updated by Brendan Cowan)

Sources: Various AHSNZ publications. NZ Wings October 1974. RNZAF records.

Emails: Martin Edwards, Brendan Cowan,

Updated 03 December 2013


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