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Serial c/n FateAircraft history
INST112 RA.7

Originally registered G-ABMV with the Eastern Counties Aero Club, Ipswich, England.
UK C of A was issued on 22 July 1931.
Imported into New Zealand from the United Kingdom and assembled at Wigram by the NZPAF during June 1931.
irst New Zealand flight on 30 June 1931..
Entered the New Zealand Civil Aircraft Register as ZK-ADD with Mr. H.T. Parry of Hokitika.
Delivered to Hokitika on 05 August 1933.
Spent most of it's life on the West Coast of the South Island, often being loaned to the West Coast United Aero Club.
Temporarily withdrawn from service on 01 April 1935 by which time it had flown 374:35 hours.
Ownership passed to Mr. G.A. Green in February 1939.
The RNZAF took it over in August 1941.
Flown from the West Coast to Invercargill in February 1942.
Used as an instructional airframe with the serial INST112.
Allocated to the Invercargill ATC on 28 August 1941 and ferried there on 09 February 1942.
Stored at Invercargill after the war until 04 February 1946.
Through an oversight it was not brought on charge until 1946.
23 October 1946 it was broken up and burnt by the RNZAF.


Author: Ivan Prince (Updated by Brendan Cowan)

Sources: AHSNZ publications 1968-1983. NZ Wings September 1977, December 1992.

Emails: John Andrade, Martin Edwards, Brendan Cowan,

Updated 04 December 2013


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